Sustainability, Environment, and Traffic

Environmentally conscious mobility and logistics concepts

  • Integrated mobility management concepts for freight and passenger transport  (incl. electromobility)
  • Acceptance analysis and enhancement of the use of electric vehicles in rural areas
  • E-Citylogistics - low-emission services for the supply and disposal of city centres
  • Analyses of the bundling potential of cooperative sector logistics on the rails
  • Concept development of "green" eco-efficient logistics for shippers/service providers

Sustainability activities for companies

  • Preparation of Product Footprints and Company Footprints according to Scope 1-3 (e.g. field of sun protection technology)
  • Analysis of the potential of sustainable/green procurement and distribution logistics
  • Recording and evaluation of transport systems according to various environmental categories
  • Conception and economic evaluation of a "reverse logistics"/raw material return system
  • Development of sustainability strategies and monitoring of environmental audits for logistics service providers

Projects in this area