CO2-minimised city centre - Freight Logistics: Development of eco-efficient city logistics concepts

In cooperation with Technologie Transfer Zentrum-Elektromobilität, Bad Neustadt/Saale


The aim of the project is to develop eco-efficient city logistics concepts for the supply (and disposal) of private households and commercial institutions in the small town of Bad Neustadt/Saale.


Investigation of goods flows in Bad Neustadt/Saale

  • Analysis of the current situation: conducting interviews with local trading, service and industrial companies to determine the quantity and frequency of package entries and exits into the city.
  • Potential analysis: Identification of potentials on the basis of the gained data - which transports can be carried out in an environmentally friendly way, CO2-minimized? For example, through bundling effects or the use of electromobile forms of handling.
  • Examination of the concepts for economic efficiency.

Detailed information on the project can be found in the profil of the project