Practical Semester

The Department of Student Affairs (HSST) offers assistance in all internship matters during your studies

  • Internship documents (contract etc.)
  • Receipt of approved training contract
  • Receipt of internship report
  • Receipt of training certificate
  • General information regarding internships

For more information, please visit the pages of the internship office within HSST.

Important information

Duration of the mandatory internship is 20 weeks plus the practice-related courses PRAV and PRAR.
The date for registration will be announced before semester start via the website Termine.

In principle, it is the students' job to seek an internship. The practical training information system PraktIS as well as other contacts (see below) are available to help you. In addition, on the second floor, opposite the dean's office, there are numerous notices from companies offering internships.

An application for approval of the internship via PraktIS must be made before the internship begins. In exceptional cases, the application can also be submitted in written form to the internship office.

In problematic cases, e.g. a short-term cancellation of the internship, the internship coordinator of the faculty will assist you.

Internship Coordinator at FWiWi

Internship Coordinator
Dipl. Betriebswirt Alex Kimmel
Münzstraße 12
97070 Würzburg
Phone +49 931 3511-8378
E-Mail alex.kimmel[at]

Responsible for:

  • Information and consultation regarding internships
  • Internship information system (PSIS)
  • New internship offers
  • Business contacts
  • Quality assurance
  • Issues arising during an internships
  • Company visits

Important contact information

PraktIS (Internship information system)
Career forum with current internship positions
Studies with Intensified Practice
Internship abroad
International scholarships/grants

Prof. Dr. Manfred Kiesel
Münzstraße 19
97070 Würzburg
Phone +49 931 3511-8110
E-Mail manfred.kiesel[at]