Double Degree Programme

A Double Degree programme, sometimes also called Joint Degree Programme, is a specific programme established between two universities, usually located in two different countries. Based on a specific agreement between the two universities, students who have been accepted to study are able to earn two official degrees upon completion of the programme.

Double Degree programmes can be found at undergraduate and graduate level, or they can be devised such as to offer the opportunity to earn both an undergraduate and a graduate degree at the end of the programme. Double Degrees are considered to provide students with a competitive advantage on the labour market and to allow greater work mobility across countries, making it easier for employers to compare national qualifications.

Double Degree at FHWS

The FHWS Double Degree programme is based on a 3.5 year undergraduate programme with 210 Credit Points (CP) according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). 60 CP or an equivalent number of the 210 CP have to be earned abroad at the partner university. As a university of applied sciences, FHWS requires an internship with 30 CP or an equivalent number of Credit Points. Students who successfully pass the specific requirements of the partner university, which are laid down in the Double Degree Agreement, will also receive the Bachelor's degree from the partner university after successfully graduating from FHWS.

The Double Degree Programme of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers students who are enrolled in the Bachelor Programme International Management the chance to participate in a Double Degree programme. Students who are accepted in this programme are able to obtain two degrees in the regular study time. Furthermore, they will gain international experience while studying or working abroad.

On the following pages you find in-depth information depending on whether you are an incoming exchange student or an outgoing exchange student.

If you have further questions, please contact our Double Degree Coordinator.


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