Learning Agreement

An academic exchange semester is an integrated part of your degree programme. Therefore, at your host university, you should follow courses which are comparable by content, hours, and competencies with the courses of your 3rd or 4th semester and courses of your 1st or 2nd semester which you didn’t pass.

To transfer the grades/credits from your host to your home university, please follow these steps:

  1. Decide where you want to study and which courses you want to take (see the following Mini-FAQ)
  2. Please take notice of the comparison lists for your programme to get a first insight.
  3. Talk to the person responsible for the programme whether the courses will be accepted or not. The responsible persons are:  
    International FWiWi / BIM Office - Room Z.2.10 (BW, BIM)
    Monika Schenker (Study Track)
    Dr. Rainer Wehner (Double Degree)
  4. Afterwards, fill in the Learning Agreement for outgoing students and send it to International FWiWi via E-Mail only! If you need help filling in the form, please use this How to fill in your Learning Agreement tutorial.
  5. Your Learning Agreement will be signed and sent to the International Office of your home and your host university. You will then get it back with all signatures.
  6. You can adapt the Learning Agreement during the exchange semester.
  7. The final transfer will be managed at the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) after you have shown your transcript of records and applied for the transfer of credits from abroad. Make sure to get the specific application form from the Department of Student Affairs (HSST).

Further Questions?

Please find the answers to some of the most common questions below.

When to start?

The following requirements have to be met: you have been assigned a place at a university abroad and you have received the invitation from your host university.

How to start?

Actively research online or get in contact with former and/or present students. Then, choose courses and collect course descriptions.

What do you need?

Course descriptions including Credit Points and workload (in hours).

Do I need a confirmation for every course from the person responsible for the module?

Electives are usually recognised without any further inquiry. For other subjects you might have to show course descriptions.

Which subjects will be acknowledged?

Credits obtained abroad have to be transferred as subjects of your respective Study and Examination Regulations (“SPO”). If needed, clarify with the Learning Agreement contact person.

How does the transfer of Credits work?

Not all CPs are the same. There are a number of different names such as ECTS, CP or STP, all of which have different weightings.

Will I be able to combine different subjects?

Yes. However, all credits have to be obtained abroad (exception: UNUE).

How do I provide my Learning Agreement?

Please send your Learning Agreement to the person responsible exclusively via email. We will process the document and send it directly to the International Office (HSIN).

Where can I get the Application for the Transfer of Credits?

Department of Student Affairs (Hochschulservice Studium – HSST)