No, as FHWS is a public university, it does not offer scholarships. All MBA International Business students pay the same tuition.

Yes of course, you can apply for other scholarships, offered by the DAAD or by other organisations. Once you have been admitted to our program, we can provide you with a confirmation of acceptance that you can use to apply for scholarships.

No, the MBA International Business is a regular MBA program.

No, our students choose one world region (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America) as their field of specialization in the MBA International Business.

No, as during your stay abroad, a specific module (Doing Business in Focus Region) is taught as an integral part of your studies, we have contracts with specific partner universities that teach the contents of this module for us.

The application process is done completely online: please go the our easy-to-use application template on our program website and fill the information and upload your documents. Application is possible all year round, but the application deadline is July 30th for the program start in October of the same year.

The program starts once a year in October.

Please have a look at the facebook page of the MBA International Business, where we regularly post interesting news.

Yes, the MBA International Business is a completely English-speaking program. All classes are taught in English, and all communication is done in English as well. This is why you need English language skills at least on B2 level. We accept a certification from all known test centers.

Latest 12 months after the start of the program, you have to document German language skills on the basic A1 level. But you will easily be able to documents those skills just by living and studying in Würzburg.

Würzburg is a beautiful medium-sized city located in the center of Germany. Wuerzburg is the capital of Lower Franconia region in the state of Bavaria. It is both a historic city, with a fortress on top of the city and the Bishop’s residence (UNESCO World Heritage Site). In the city as well as all around the city, you will find the vineyards where the famous Franconian white wine („Bocksbeutel“) is produced. At the same time, Wuerzburg is a very young city, as around every fourth inhabitant of Würzburg is a student!

Our university FHWS has two locations: the city of Wuerzburg and the city of Schweinfurt. They are about 40 kilometers apart with excellent train and highway connection between them. All classes of the MBA International Business take place solely in Wuerzburg, however.

„University of Applied Sciences“ means the we focus on business practice rather than on theoretical research. This is why doing an MBA program at a university of applied sciences is a good idea!

FHWS is the German abbreviation for Fach-Hochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt, translated into English „University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt“.

This is a double yes:

1) Your student visa allows you to work a maximum of 180 days full time.

2) As the courses are held mainly on Fridays and Saturdays, you will have the chance to work during the week in case you want to.

Depending on the region you come from, please contact one of our marketing managers:

For North, Middle and South America: Mr. Jean-Marc Montag (

For all other regions: Mr. Shamim Siddique (shamim.siddique[at]

All non-European Union students need a student visa. For your visa application at the German Embassy/Consulate in your country, we will provide you with a letter of acceptance once your application has been accepted by our admissions council.

Please have a look at the application site, where the study requirements are listed.

Yes, the MBA is a regular Master degree that entitles to start a Ph.D. program in Germany.

Yes it is. Full time is defined by the amount of credits (30) that can be earned in one semester.

Every year, our students literally come from all over the world. To give you an idea, the students from class 17 (2019-2021) come from the following nations: India, Thailand, Mexico, Iran, USA, Germany, Azerbaijan, Nepal and Russia.

MBA programs are always non-consecutive programs, which means you cannot study them right after your bachelor degree, but you need to bring at least 1 year of work experience. The work experience must by achieved after finishing your bachelor degree, which means work before or during the bachelor degree do not count.

While the tuition fees goes to our university to cover the cost of the program, the administrative fee goes to the students‘ union. The administrative fee needs to be paid by every student at a German university.

No, FHWS is a public university owned by the German state of Bavaria. Being a public university means that we are not profit-making. The tuition fee is calculated to cover the cost of the program.

We have a well balanced mix of professors from FHWS, professors from other universities and practicioners that bring their job experience into the classes.

Yes of course we are accredited. We are accredited by Acquin, one of the ten official accreditation agencies in Germany.

This question is hard to anwer, as it depends a lot on your individual lifestyle. The students‘ union estimates that the average students spends about 700 Euros per month for living in Würzburg.

Yes, after you have successfully finished your MBA program, you are entitled to stay at least 12 more months in Germany to find a job.