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Since the start of the Erasmus+ project "New Modes of Mobility" in September 2019, the participating institutions have been working on the further development of teaching and learning mobility. However, the virtual and inclusive concepts that have emerged in this context have gained a whole new dimension and relevance in recent months due to the Corona crisis. Once again it becomes clear that new mobility concepts not only serve to broaden the target group, but also have to meet the worldwide change in mobility. Especially in these crisis-ridden times, it is of the highest priority that students are able to develop a competitive global mindset and also become aware of their world citizenship in order to ensure that sustainable bridges can be built again with a return to normality.

In the context of the virtual exchange program Aborad@home, the topics from the areas of management, marketing, business simulation and communication are taught through the use of virtual didactics. Through cross-border, collaborative work the students deepen their learning and acquire a variety of the so-called "21st Century Skills", which are essential in today's digital and international world. In this way, an experience abroad from home is offered, which is awarded with a certificate after successful completion of the six modules offered and the acquisition of the associated 30 ECTS (this corresponds to the average workload of a regular semester).
In the context of the ERASMUS+ strategic partnership, the six modules and their assessments represent the intelectual outpus 01 to 06.



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NewM - Abroad@home