Overview of the development of the Intelectual Outputs
Overview of the development of the Intelectual Outputs

The major intellectual output of the project will be the teaching and learning models (TLM). In order to achieve this goal it is crucial that all partners of the consortium can provide at least one project idea that will be part of the best practice benchmarking at the beginning of the development process.
Since the project includes such a benchmarking and merging phase, the project proposals are only preliminary and can be further developed or changed. An essential element of this phase is also to design the projects in such a way that the highest possible added value is created. That way it is ensured that every single project leads to an innovative intellectual output.
In order to internationalise this project, to add especially European Value to it and to overcome borders (physical and in the minds) every partner conducts its project(s) with another partner. In addition every model will be designed to tackle the overall aims of the general project stated under the project description.

The core of the development, implementation and dissemination of these findings will take place in the IO's 01 to 06. According to our timetable, this kind of output will be accomplished in 2020. Later on, in the IO's 07 to 09 the results and learnings will be published throughout various channels for later reproduction. This is not only aimed at the partners of the consortium, but also explicitly for external institutions of higher education.

More information about the IO's will be available as soon as appropriate materials have been developed.